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Bài tập tổng hợp về các thì trong tiếng anh hay có đáp án (exercises on tenses)

Bài tập chia động từ Tiếng Anh có đáp án

Bài tập Tiếng Anh chuyên đề chia động từ

Tổng hợp 11 bài tập trắc nghiệm trắc nghiệm dạng bài chia động từ có đáp án dưới đây nằm trong bộ đề ôn tập Ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh cơ bản do sưu tầm và đăng tải. Tài liệu luyện tập Tiếng Anh giúp bạn đọc ôn tập lại tổng hợp lý thuyết ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh, cấu trúc câu đã học hiệu quả.

Exercise 1

1. The wedding party________ held at the Rex Hotel.

A. is

B. is being

C. will be

D. is going to be

2. How many languages_____ John speak?

A. do

B. does

C. did

D. will

3. Hurry! The train________ I don’t want to miss it.

A. comes

B. is coming

C. came

D. has come

4. Angelina Jolie is a famous actress. She ________ in several film.

A. appears

B. is appearing

C. appeared

D. has appeared

5. I saw Maggie at the party. She ________ in several film.

A. wears

B. wore

C. was wearing

D. has worn

6. What time________ the next train leave?

A. does

B. will

C. shall

D. would

7. Monica________ with her sister at the moment until she finds a flat.

A. stays

B. is staying

C. will stay

D. is going to stay

8. After I________ lunch, I looked for my bag.

A. had

B. had had

C. have has

D. have had

9. By the end of next year, George________ English for 2 years.

A. will have learned

B. will learn

C. has leaned

D. would learn

10. The man got out of the car,_______ round to the back and opened the boot.

A. walking

B. walked

C. walks

D. walk

11. For several years his ambition ________ to be a pilot.

A. is

B. has been

C. was

D. had been

12. Henry________ into the restaurant when the writer was having dinner.

A. was going

B. went

C. has gone

D. did go

13. He will take the dog out for a walk as soon as he ________ dinner.

A. finish

B. finishes

C. will finish

D. shall have finished

14. Before you asked, the letter________

A. was written

B. had been written

C. had written

D. has been written

15. She ________ English at RMIT these days.

A. studies

B. is studying

C. will study

D. is gong to study

16. She’s at her best when she________ big decisions.

A. is making

B. makes

C. had made

D. will make

17. We________ next vacation in London.

A. spend

B. are spending

C. will spend

D. are going to spend

18. Robert________ tomorrow morning on the 10:30 train.

A. arrived

B. is arriving

C. has arrived

D. would arrive

19. Look! The bus________

A. left

B. has left

C. leaves

D. is leaving

20. Mike________ one hour ago.

A. phoned

B. was phoning

C. had phoned

D. has phoned

Exercise 2

1. I _______my homework as soon as Lan goes here.

a. will finish

b. will be finishing

c. finish

d. will have finished

2. Ask her to come ad see me when she ________ her work.

a. finish

b. has finished

c. finished

d. finishing

3. After you finish your work, you________ a break.

a. should take

b. have taken

c. might have taken

d. takes

4. Oil________ if you pour it on water

a. floated

b. floats

c. will be floated

d. float

5. When he returned home, he found the door________.

a. unlocking

b. unlocked

c. to be unlocked

d. have unlocked

6. That dancing club________ north of the city

a. lays

b. lies

c. locates

d. lain

7. Almost everyone________ for home by the time we arrived.

a. leave

b. left

c. leaves

d. had left

8. By the age of 25, he ________ two famous novels.

a. wrote

b. writes

c. has written

d. had written

9. While her husband was in the army, Janet________ to him twice a week.

a. was writing

b. wrote

c. was written

d. had written

10. I couldn’t cut the grass because the machine_______ a few days previously.

a. broken down

b. has been broken

c. had broken down

d. breaks down

11. We ________English this time last week.

a. learned

b. were learning

c. have learned

d. had learned

12. Is it raining? – No, it isn’t but the ground is wet. It________

a. rained

b. had rained

c. has rained

d. has been raining

13. Her family________ to America before 1975.

a. went

b. have gone

c. had gone

d. would go

14. When I arrived at the party, Martha________ home already.

a. went

b. have gone

c. had gone

d. would go

15. Henry________ for 10 years when he finally gave it up.

a. has smoked

b. has been smoking

c. had smoked

d. had been smoking’

16. Yesterday morning I got up and looked out of the window. The sun was shinning but the ground was very wet. It________

a. rained

b. has been raining

c. had rained

d. had been raining

17. We ________ our examination next month.

a. have

b. shall have

c. will have had

d. will be having

18. Look that those black clouds! It________

a. is going to rain

b. will rain

c. would rain

d. can rain

19. We________ English this time next Monday.

a. learn

b. will learn

c. are learning

d. will be learning

20. We________ this course before the final examination.

a. are going to finish

b. have finished

c. will finish

d. will have finished

Exercise 3

1. I________ “Chicken soup for the soul” but I haven’t finished it yet.

a. read

b. am reading

c. have been reading

d. was reading

2. Alan took a photograph of Sandra while she________

a. didn’t look

b. wasn’t looking

c. hasn’t looked

d.. hadn’t looked

3. I ________ my key. Can you help me look for it?

a. lose

b. lost

c. had lost

d. have lost

4. Last night Tine________ in bed when suddenly she heard a scream.

a. read

b. was reading

c. had read

d. had read

5. We________ a part next week. Would you like to come?

a. have

b. will have

c. are having

d. will have had

6. The Red River________ very fast today-much faster than yesterday.

a. flows

b. is flowing

c. will flow

d. is going to flow

7. While mother________ dinner the phone rang.

a. cooked

b. had cooked

c. has cooked

d. was cooking

8. Fish________ on earth for ages and ages.

a. existed

b. are existing

c. exist

d. have existed

9. The phone________ constantly since Jack won the first prize this morning.

a. has been ringing

b. rang

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c. had rung

d. had been ringing

10. The earth________ on the sun for its heat and light.

a. is depend

b. depending

c. has depend

d. depends

11. I don’t feel good. I ________ home from work tomorrow.

a. am staying

b. stay

c. will have stayed

d. stayed

12. In the last two decades, space exploration___great contributions to weather forecasting.

a. is making

b. has made

c. made

d. makes

13. On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong ________ down onto the moon, the first person ever set foot on another planet.

a. was stepping

b. stepped

c. has stepped

d. was step

14. When boarding the plane, many passengers were annoyed because they ________ waiting in the airport for three ad a half hours.

a. are

b. were

c. have been

d. had been

15. If coastal erosion continues to take place at the present rate, in another fifty years this beach________ any more.

a. doesn’t exist

b. isn’t going to exits

c. isn’t existing

d. won’t be existing

16. Their football team________ a championship until last season.

a. had never won

b. is never winning

c. had never been winning

d. had never won

17. By the end of this year, Tom ________English for three years.

a. will be studying

b. has studied

c. will have studied

d. has been studying

18. In one year’s time, I________ in this school for 15 years.

a. will be working

b. will work

c. will have studied

d. has been studying’

19. They ________ this course by next June.

a. have finished

b. will finish

c. are going to finish

d. will have finished

20. She will go abroad as soon as she________ this English course.

a. has completed

b. will complete

c. will have completed

d. completed

Exercise 4

1. The child________ before the doctor arrived.

a. died

b. had died

c. has died

d. was dying

2. We cleaned up the room as soon as the guests________

a. had left

b. has left

c. left

d. were leaving

3. The secretary________ the report by 10:00 yesterday.

a. hasn’t finished

b. hasn’t finished

c. didn’t finish

d. would finish

4. Jane’s eyes are red. She________

a. cried

b. has cried

c. has been crying

d. had cried

5. This room is dirty. Someone________ in here.

a. smoked

b. has smoked

c. had been smoking

d. has been smoking

6. Arsenal________ next Monday.

a. wins

b. will win

c. would win

d. is winning

7. it________ rain tomorrow.

a. rains

b. will rain

c. is going to rain

d. is raining

8. I’ll come and see you before I ________ for America.

a. leave

b. will leave

c. have left

d. shall leave

9. The little girl asked what________ to her friend.

a. has happened

b. happened

c. had happened

d. would have been happened

10. John________ a book when I saw him.

a. is reading

b. read

c. was reading

d. reading

11. He said he________ return later.

a. will

b. would

c. can

d. would be’

12. Jack________ he door.

a. has just opened

b. open

c. will have opened

d. opening

13. I have been waiting for you________

a. since early morning

b. since 9 a.m

c. for two hours

d. all are correct

14. My sister________ for you since yesterday.

a. is looking

b. was looking

c. has been looking

d. looked

15. Jack________ the door.

a. has just painted

b. paint

c. will have painted

d. painting

16. The train________ half an hour ago.

a. has been leaving

b. left

c. has left

d. had left

17. We________ Doris since last Sunday.

a. don’t see

b. haven’t seen

c. didn’t see

d. hadn’t seen

18. When I last saw him, he________ in London.

a. has lived

b. is living

c. was living

d. has been living

19. She is tired now. She________ for a long time.

a. has been learning

b. has learned

c. learns

d. learned

20. They will have gone home before you________ to meet them.

a. came

b. come

c. will come

d. are coming

Exercise 5

1. Hurry up or the train________ before you ca catch it.

a. will leave

b. leaves

c. will have left

d. has left

2. Now my sister________ a bicycle of her own.

a. is having

b. are having

c. has

d. had

3. A football team________ chiefly of 12 players.

a. composed

b. composes

c. comprised

d. comprises

4. This is the first time I ________ here.

a. am

b. have been

c. was

d. be

5. Last week, my professor promised that he________ today.

a. would come

b. will come

c. comes

d. coming

6. My girls friend arrived after I ________ for her about half an hour.

a. was waiting

b. had been waiting

c. has been waiting

d. have waited

7. Did she say she________ him tomorrow?

a. has visited

b. will visit

c. would visit

d. is going to visit

8. ________ to rain before you woke up this morning?

a. Did it begin

b. has it begun

c. Had it begun

d. Would it begin

9. My daughter saw an elephant this morning but she________ one before.

a. had never seen

b. has never seen

c. never seen

d. never had seen

10. I________ in Da Nang before I moved to Dong Nai.

a. have been living

b. have lived

c. had lived

d. had been living

11. There are many ways________ to Rome.

a. is leading

b. are leading

c. leading

d. led

12. When we got home, dinner____ so we had a drink first.

a. was preparing

b. was being prepared

c. was prepared

d. had been prepared

13. She was tired. She____ for a long time.

a. has been learning

b. had been learning

c. leaned

d. was learning

14. He ____ in space for 10 days by tomorrow.

a. will travel

b. will be traveling

c. will have been traveling

d. has traveled

15. He said he would visit me, but he____ me yet.

a. has not visited

b. had not visited

c. is not visiting

d. does not visit

16. The weather____ fine so far this week.

a. is

b. has been

c. was

d. had been

17. Before the prime Minister leaves New Your he____ several talks.

a. will have had

b. would have

c. will be having

d. has

18. We had just got out of car when it ____ to set fire.

a. has begun

b. had begun

c. was beginning

d. began

19. As soon as he____ a certificate in English, he will apply for a job.

a. would get

b. got

c. gets

d. will get

20. He was told that he____ knocked out in the first round.

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a. had been

b. was

c. has been

d. was being

Exercise 6

1. Michael ____ a word with Lisa this morning.

a. has

b. had

c. has had

d. had had

2. Old Ted____ twenty cigarettes a day till he gave up.

a. had smoked

b. has smoked

c. smoked

d. smokes

3. Stephen____ on the phone when I came in.

a. talked

b. was talking

c. has talked

d. has been talking

4. I____ TV at 8.30 last night.

a. watched

b. was watching

c. has watched

d. had watched

5. While I was working in the garden, my son____ video games.

a. was playing

b. played

c. has played

d. has been playing

6. When he worked here, simon____ mistakes.

a. always made

b. made always

c. was always making

d. was making always

7. I____ if you could give me hand

a. wonder

b. am wondering

c. wondered

d. was wondering

8. I____ four chairs so far this morning.

a. painted

b. was painting

c. have panted

d. had painted

9. Frank____ home since he was a boy.

a. isn’t

b. wasn’t

c. hasn’t been

d. hadn’t been

10. Mai____ in HCM for five years.

a. lives

b. has lived

c. is living

d. was living

11. We____ “Alexander the Great”. It’s very interesting!

a. see

b. saw

c. have seen

d. would see

12. I’ve lived here________ 1990.

a. since

b. from

c. to

d. for

13. Paulo has learned English________ five years.

a. since

b. from

c. to

d. for

14. My little sister________ “sleeping beauty” several times.

a. watches

b. is watching

c. has watched

d. watched

15. since the appearance of karaoke machines, they________

a. had been widely used

b. have been widely used

c. were widely used

d. widely used

16. She has been studying engineering________

a. since 5 years

b. for 5 years

c. 5 years before

d. during 5 years.

17. In 1996, my brother________ at Harvard university.

a. studies

b. is studying

c. studied

d. had studied

18. Are you learning your lesson? No, I________ it.

a. finished

b. have finished

c. finishing

d. have finished’

19. Elvis Presley________ on television for a long time.

a. isn’t appearing

b. hasn’t appeared

c. won’t have appeared

d. hadn’t appeared

20. We________ waiting for her half a hour before she came.

a. have been

b. will be

c. will have been

d. had been

Exercise 7

1. There’s a strange smell in here. Mother________ something.

a. cooks

b. is cooking

c. will cook

d. has cooked

2. The concert________ at 7:15.

a. starts

b. is starting

c. has started

d. is going to start

3. Nora says she’s 17 but I ________ here.

a. don’t believe

b. didn’t believe

c. won’t believe

d. wouldn’t believe

4. Sorry I’m late – That OK, I________ long

a. don’t wait

b. am not waiting

c. haven’t waited

d. haven’t been waiting

5. We did not go out because it________

a. would rain

b. was raining

c. had rained

d. has rained

6. Michael, is it true that you________ married next week?

a. get

b. are getting

c. got

d. have got

7. Mr. Black did teach that lesson along tome ago, but now he never remembers______ it.

a. teach

b. teaches

c. taught

d. having taught

8. Her life has changed a lot________ she became rich.

a. since

b. for

c. because of

d. owing to

9. The wind________ very hard when the ship sailed around the Mediterranean Sea.

a. blew

b. was blowing

c. has blown

d. was blown

10. I________ that novel at least twice.

a. have read

b. read

c. reads

d. have been reading

11. What did the farmer do after locusts________ their crop?

a. damage

b. are damaged

c. have damaged

d. had damaged

12. We________ to Tri An a few times recently.

a. would be

b. were

c. had been

d. have been

13. In former times________ to go to a dentist.

a. many people were afraid

b. many people afraid

c. many peoples were afraid

d. many peoples feared

14. He might have given you some advise if you________ him to.

a. would have asked

b. had asked

c. asked

d. would ask

15. Sir Thompson always________ funny stories after dinner.

a. said

b. has said

c. says

d. tells’

16. The milkman________ the jug of milk on the table outside the kitchen

a. lain

b. lay

c. laid

d. lie

17. My litter sister is afraid to________ the dishes after dinner.

a. have done

b. do

c. make

d. made

18. Did you see him yesterday? Oh no, but I________

a. should

b. ought to

c. should have

d. did

19. I wish I________ his name

a. know

b. known

c. knew

d. have known

20. When his girlfriend came, he________ his car.

a. cleaning

b. cleans

c. is cleaning

d. was cleaning

Exercise 8

1. They________ tomorrow at 12:30

a. will leave

b. are leaving

c. are going to leave

d. leave

2. Someone________ at the door, can you answer it?

a. knocks

b. is knocking

c. has knocked

d. knocked

3. John________ at the moment, so he can’t answer the telephone.

a. works

b. is working

c. has worked

d. will work

4. The river________ after last night’s rain.

a. flowed

b. flows

c. is flowing

d. will flow

5. He________ for Chelsea this season.

a. played

b. is playing

c. would play

d. has played

6. We shall make a trip around the world when the opportunity________ itself to us.

a. will present

b. will have presented

c. presents

d. will be presenting

7. This pupil________ his best and ________ only one mistake in his dictation.

a. made/did

b. did/made

c. made/made

d. did/did

8. The holiday makers________ in the sunshine to get sunburnt.

a. laid

b. lied

c. led

d. laying

9. The snake________ one big egg last week.

a. lay

b. laid

c. led

d. laying

10. I’m afraid you________ number.

a. have mistaken

b. are with the wrong

c. have the wrong

d. made the wrong

11. I like looking at the pictures, but I ________ enough by lunch time.

a. should have

b. will have

c. will have had

d. have

12. I don’t understand this sentence. What________?

a. does mean this word

b. have this word mean

c. means this word

d. does this word mean

13. John________ tennis once or twice a week.

a. usually play

b. in usually playing

c. usually plays

d. have usually played

14. It was noisy next door. Our neighbors________ a party

a. had

b. were having

c. had had

d. have had

15. It________ dark. Shall I turn on the light?

a. is getting

b. get

c. got

d. has got

16. I________ for Christine. Do you know where she is?

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a. look

b. looked

c. am looking

d. looks

17. At 5 o’clock yesterday evening, I ________ my clothes.

a. am ironing

b. have ironed

c. ironed

d. was ironing

18. Are you ready, Ann? Yes, I________

a. am coming

b. come

c. came

d. have came

19. Why________ at me like that? What’s the matter?

a. do you look

b. have you looked

c. did you look

d. are you looking

20. I________ along the street when I suddenly heard footsteps behind me.

a. was walking

b. a walking

c. walk

d. walked

Exercise 9

1. There was a time when watching TV really________ family entertainment

a. were

b. was

c. had been

d. is

2. Last year they __________ 22 million TV sets.

a. were selling

b. has sold

c. has sold

d. sold

3. At last the bus came. We _________ for half an hour

a. waited

b. was waiting

c. have waited

d. had been waiting

4. Through the rain, I ______ a lighted window and a sign wich said “Sam’s Place”.

a. have seen

b. was seeing

c. saw

d. see

5. Danniel ______ the bus. It doesn’t run on Sundays.

a. Did not catch

b. have not caught

c. had not caught

d. couldn’t have caught

6. We didn’t play very well. We______ better.

a. should have played

b. should play

c. have played

d. have been playing

7. I think you ______ pay to park here, I’ll just go and read that notice.

a. will

b. would

c. must

d. better

8. I think you should have that coast_____ soon.

a. cleaned

b. being cleaned

c. leaning

d. to clean

9. I’m feeling sick. I_______ so much chocolate last night.

a. needn’t to eat

b. did not eat

c. mustn’t eat

d. shouldn’t have eaten

10. I’m going on holyday on Saturday. This time next week I_____ on a beach in the sea.

a. will lie

b. am lying

c. will be lying

d. should be lying

11. Ted and Amy______ for 24 years.

a. have been married

b. married

c. were married

d. has been married

12. Tomorrow I_______ my grandparents.

a. am going to visit

b. will have visited

c. have visited

d. visit

13. When their first child was born, they_____ married for three years.

a. have been married

b. had been married

c. will been married

d. will have been married

14. I think the weather______ nice later.

a. will be

b. be

c. is

d. has been

15. She_______ very angry when she knows this.

a. shall be

b. has been

c. will have bee

d. will be

16. We__________ a party last Saturday. It was great we invited lots of people.

a. have

b. have had

c. had

d. had had

17. I was sad when I sold my car. I_____ it for a very long time.

a. am running

b. were running

c. had been running

d. have been running

18. We were extremely tired at the end of the journey. We____ for more than 24 hours.

a. had been traveling

b. were traveling

c. have traveled

d. traveled

19. The house was very quiet when I got home. Everybody______ straight to bed.

a. had gone

b. have gone

c. went

d. go

20. The man sitting next to me on the plane was nervous because he______ before.

a. hasn’t flown

b. didn’t fly

c. hadn’t flown

d. wasn’t flying

Exercise 10

1. ________ a car when they were living in London?

a. Have they

b. Did they have

c. Were they having

d. have they had

2. They ________ serving meals by the time we get to the restaurant.

a. will stop

b. stopped

c. are stopping

d. will have stopped

3. Mark was listening to music while his sister_______ a book.

a. read.

b. reads

c. is reading

d. was reading

4. You______ here for my party, won’t you?

a. shall be

b. won’t be

c. will be

d. are going to be

5. Can I borrow your bike on Monday? I’m sorry, but_____ it.

a. I’ll be using

b. used

c. use

d. have used

6. We______ the concert. It was really good.

a. are enjoying

b. enjoy

c. did enjoy

d. would enjoy

7. It was 10 p.m. Most of the shops_____ just______

a. have/closed

b. had/closed

c. has/closed

d. was closing

8. There’s no more apples. We ______ them all.

a. had eaten

b. ate

c. eat

d. have eaten

9. She_______ music all day. Now she fells tired.

a. has been playing

b. is playing

c. played

d. plays

10. After he________ the house, he wrote a letter.

a. cleans

b. was cleaning

c. had cleaned

d. has cleaned

11. They_____ me about it last week.

a. was telling

b. told

c. had told

d. would tell

12. I_______ here at the end of the month.

a. will leave

b. would leave

c. would have left

d. is leaving

13. I hope everything______ fine.

a. is

b. was

c. would be

d. will be

14. My grandfather______ many years ago.

a. had died

b. has died

c. died

d. was dying

15. I______________ my son the money for that last week.

a. gave

b. given

c. have given

d. was given

16. Yesterday I passed by Peter’s house, but the front door was closed. He__out.

a. went

b. must have gone

c. has gone

d. had had

17. Where ________ you at 9:00 last night, Mr. Green?

a. have been

b. were

c. will be

d. are

18. I ________ the dishwasher on when heard the shot.

a. am turning

b. turned

c. was turning

d. turned

19. Now I _______ for what I said about you. It wasn’t true and I shouldn’t have said it.

a. do apologize

b. apologized

c. was apologized

d. apologizing

20. Tim was tired. He ______ hard all day.

a. has been studying

b. studies

c. studied

d. had been studying

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