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Cheap Flights to Zhangjiajie from $1,928 in 2021

Pros: The crew was accommodating during the flight but spoke very little English and could not help with information on connecting flight. Cons: We missed our connecting flight due to a delay and the airline would not let us through because we could have made our second flight….

Pros: The crew was accommodating during the flight but spoke very little English and could not help with information on connecting flight.
Cons: We missed our connecting flight due to a delay and the airline would not let us through because we could have made our second flight….

Pros: Great entertainment – The plane offers a ton of blockbuster movies that are recent and from many catagories. They also offer TV from different lands and video games and selection of languages to hear them in. Great food – Even economy passengers get great free food during the trip. For a trip as long as going from Washington DC to BeiJing, they give you two dinners. Roominess – The seats are as cramped as any airline. However, the flight attendants don’t give you are trouble when you want to get up and walk around and stay standing and talking with people of a long time. It has two isles so it feels pretty roomy to get up and walk around. Friendly staff- They make american flight staffs look very rude.
Cons: Leading up to the flight, customer service can only be contacted by email. Don’t even try calling. They never pick up and won’t get back to you. At least the flight is very good.

Pros: I found the seats to be very comfortable

Cons: Touch screens don’t work very well.

Pros: Crew are okay. Lucky, there wasn’t that many people on the plane.
Cons: Rest room need clean more and food wasn’t that good.

Pros: The crew was nice and the flight was safe. I was skeptical about air chin because of the previous reviews but they did a good job.
Cons: I didn’t like my seat we were next to the door so it was pretty old most of the time

Cons: The seats had a foot rest that, when not used, keeps hitting your shins and reduce the already narrow leg room.

Cons: Narrow seats

Pros: Great food
Cons: Staff were nice but not friendly. Poor entertainment choices. Chairs were average comfort, could have been better. Worst part was that in a fourteen hour flight they only des us twice. First time I’ve gotten off an international flight hungry. And very limited wine. Only available once or twice during the flight

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Cons: I’ve never been on a long haul flight and perspired through my short the entire 14 hours. Hot and stuffy… not great!

Pros: For a long and filled flight it was comfortable
Cons: Stewardess was somewhat rude and uncaring

Cons: Do not like the food at all.

Pros: The on time performance also inflight Meals
Cons: Check in for Departure

Pros: Service, food, entertainment, flight experience

Pros: Crew was helpful and polite
Cons: Food was terrible compared to other airlines in the region and the entertainment options were limited.

Pros: Free booze.
Cons: Temperature was too hot, food was bad, excessive flight notifications kept me awake and the landing preparatipn started an hour before landing. The landing was extremely rough and unsafe.

Cons: I didn’t like the fact how our flight was late ( air China flight 818) it took off a hour late which made us almost miss our flight from Beijing . Our luggage was lost .. there’s no way our luggage could’ve got lost if it took the airlines a hour additionally to depart .

Pros: Well..I had seat to sit on
Cons: Horrible food..imagine 14 hrs flight with no good food

Pros: I like the food. The trip overall very nice
Cons: Nothing I don’t like. So far we’ll regarded except in China they don’t speak good English


Pros: Friendly staff, great price
Cons: No Wi-Fi on plane

Pros: Level of Service

Pros: Smooth, right on time, good food.

Cons: Our luggage was delayed and we didn’t have clean clothes for the first day.

Pros: Great service
Cons: Luggage did not arrive for 2 days from Beijing

Pros: Enjoyed all that I’ve come to expect from air travel for the most part- in headrest entertainment (movies/games/flight track), decently good food (two full meals in the 14 hr trip), and pleasant crew with timely departure and arrival.
Cons: The seat cushion is a bit hard after extended seating, with a few bumps that show themselves over time. Not terrible though, but definitely could be packed to be more comfortable for the longer hauls.

Pros: The service is overall good
Cons: The booking with Air China and flying with United is confusing.

Cons: Bad audio quality on entertainment system. Poor communication and food service. No way to call airlines beforehand for arranging special meal.

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Pros: Selection of entertainment. Regular beverage service. Nice staff.
Cons: Food selection.

Pros: I have flown with Air China before and had a bad experience. They are improving everything from customer service to in-flight amenities. Transfers in Beijing are still a problem with zero efficiency.
Cons: They don’t honor seat selection when booking but attendant at gate helped and was very understanding.

Pros: They overcharged, customer support unreliable and bad service!
Cons: They overcharged, customer support unreliable and bad service!

Pros: The flight attendants were great, stylish and they took their job seriously. The food was good compared to other airlines. Overall we had a very goos experience.

Cons: very inconvinient

Pros: Nice plane
Cons: Constant and substantial changes to their schedule, Ticketing gave me wrong seat, Flight attendant argued about seating for a Long time and then gave me the seat that I requested. Food was absolutely terrible ! Beijing airport was very dirty and disorganized Will not fly with them again – too many problems.

Pros: I like it most that we don’t need to get the luggage out in Beijing or get the boarding pass again in Beijing. It’s very convenient.
Cons: There was a delay of the connection flight and for half an hour, we were told flight time is TBD. I’d expect at least an estimate of the new boarding time.

Pros: Fare was low.
Cons: They delayed the flight almost two hours to wait for other people to make the connection. We had stickers put on our shoulders to indicate that we were in a short time window, but it seems that those were badges for us to be taken advantage of by hawkers with mobile carts to pick us up outside security, take us to our gate and then demand cash.

Pros: Food

Pros: Food, blanket, movies on board
Cons: The layover was too short and I had to run to my transfer. I wish crew would have let people with short layovers off first

Cons: It took 30 minutes to take a bus from where we were parked to the terminal another 40 minutes to get through security when we finally made it to the next gate to connecting flight they had closed the gate. After all the work to get a temporary visa so we could get our bags and check back in our next flight was with Philippine airlines

Cons: Food was bland. Very limited flight entertainment selection. Flight attendants are extremely rude.

Pros: I didn’t like anything.
Cons: The plane crew was not pleasant. The food was not fresh nor was there enough of it. The staff for Air China at the gate were rude and I was racially profiled and forced to go through a search in which my waist was wiped down, my shoes and wrists. My bags were emptied and this was as I was walking to board the actual plane.

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Pros: Loved the wide seats and space between seats. Staff service was impeccable.
Cons: My TV screen was not functioning well.

Pros: Airline staff
Cons: Delayed flights (2 legs, 4 hours) and mishandled luggage

Pros: I liked the selection of movies.
Cons: I didn’t like that the staff didn’t know English that well, they only had Pepsi,spirt,oj, apple juice. No cranberry juices, no ginger ale, no liquor. I didn’t like the staff touching me.You can use your words to politely get peoples attention. I didn’t like that our flight was 3 hours late in Beijing and no one had an answer of why or how long. The only information was for us to get another flight in the morning or to just wait for 10hours or a few days. What kind of customer service is that! Food was terrible!!!!!!

Cons: Poor customer service and flight delays

Pros: None
Cons: Cancelled a week before flight. No one pickup phone to rebooking.

Pros: The flight was pretty good and courteous. And boarding was pretty average.
Cons: I hate the fact that I can’t use my phone for entertainment even when it’s on airplane mode. I have the wifi off and airplane mode on and I still can’t use it.

Pros: It was on time and relatively cheap. Grateful for nonstop itinerary. Love the interactive map available to see flight over the pole.
Cons: Food poor. Breakfast was same as dinner…rice and not good tasting chicken in a gravy. No other snacks or meals in a 14 hour flight. I departed hungry. Very few movie selections for Westerners. Cold air in cabin made me pull my blanket over my head to stay warm, despite wearing a jacket.

Pros: When we were waiting in the airport between the first and second flight attempt, Air China gave us a meal
Cons: We flew all the way to Zhangjiajie only to turn around due to weather. We flew out again a few hours later and were then able to land.

Pros: All our luggage was at the end with us, nothing missing
Cons: The weather delay was not fault of the airline.

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