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Chiang Mai Night Safari


Chiang Mai Night Safari is the first night safari in Thailand and the third in the world where the place is one of the famous landmarks of Chiang Mai. 1,400 of the animals from 134 diverse species are plenty for the tourist to enjoy at this remarkable zoo.

About Chiang Mai Night Safari

The zoo is a part of under the government bureau office
under the administration of Pinkanakorn Development Agency (Public
Organization). Chiang Mai Night Safari locates in the area Mae Hia, Muaeng
district and Nong Kwai, Hang Dong district, Chiang Mai with approximately 1.3
million sqm of its space, and only 10 km from the city center.

What to See at Chiang Mai Night Safar

Initially, Chiang Mai Night Safari which opened
officially dated February 6, 2006, and operated from the evening until the
nighttime and the place is recognized as the first night safari in Thailand.
However, the zoo in the present adjusted its management to open for the public
all day and night. The so-called the world’ s largest night zoo in the world
which the twice time of size to Singapore Night Safari, also Chiang Mai Night
Safari aims to be the “Nature Theme Park” that differentiates it from other
safari included ones in Africa. The site focuses on presenting the wildlife in
Asia and offers the opportunity for the visitor to observe and learn the life
of the wildlife here intimately. It might be more complicated to see the
behavior of the wild animals in Africa safari comparing to this place.

Apart from the joyfulness from inspection and experience
the life of those animals whether daytime or nighttime on the convertible
50-seat tram that decorated with the vibrant and lively pattern of various
animals – giraffe, tiger, zebra, etc. that can hearten you
joy since the first glance. Also, Chiang Mai Night Safari provides you with the
broad array of fun activities to entertain the visitors from worldwide
including the Musical fountain & Water Screen Light and sound show at night
which is the most fabulous and most significant show in Thailand.

Highlight of Chiang Mai Night Safari

The Safari Dancing Show and Feeding demonstration around
the area of the safari that is the highlight of Chiang Mai Night Safari. The
tourists will witness the moment that the staff that reaches their arms to feed
the giraffe and other animals by your perception strictly. Or the Behind the
Zoo that you can amuse with the “Big Five” of Chiang Mai Night
Safari, starts from Elephant taking a bath, feeding the hippopotamus,
experience the rhino, feed on the bull, and relish with the giraffe.

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The place is not less in its facility and service with a
variety delicious food and drinks prepared by the chefs, or you can chillax
among the lovely atmosphere plenty of plants and flowers at Chiang Mai Night
Safari Resort, another perfect vacation spot that is not too far from the city
of Chiang Mai. And there is a lot of more other exciting activities that rotate
to entertain the tourist all year round. Moreover, the zoo also features the
rare species of the animal to show for the tourist such as the White Lion, the frightening wild animal that is only 200 of its population in the world
presently. The majestic creature is right at the entrance of the zoo to impulse
your energetic trip at the night safari.

Chiang Mai Night Safari, what interesting

The night safari here consists of 3 main zones by

1. Savanna Safari Zone (South Zone)

Savanna Safari Zone (South Zone)

The land of the prey. In this area the visitors will
witness the species of herbivore, Artiodactyla, Perissodactyla,
and rare species of African wildlife. The area features in the African Savannah
with the numbers of the animals that are not dangerous such as giraffe, zebra,
hippopotamus, bull, antelope, mountain goat, white rhino, Waterbuck, and yak.
The 50-seat tram is a vehicle to take the tourist to sightsee this area
altogether with the narrator in both Thai and English. The 2,432 meters trip
takes about 30 minutes of time.

2. Predator Prowl Zone (North Zone)

Predator Prowl Zone (North Zone)

Here is the kingdom of the predator. The visitor will
witness the predator-prey relations strictly on the safety vehicle of the zoo.
Be thrilled and drive your adrenaline in the seconds with the appearance of the
remarkable wildlife, for example, Black Vulture, Lion, Bengal tiger, White
tiger, Asiatic black bear, Hyena, and Crocodile, etc. And do not worry that
those animals cab harm you since the vehicle to bring you to this zone is
equipped with the safety system to protect you from them. The journey is 2.1 km
which takes about half an hour of time.

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3. Jaguar Trail Zone (Walking Zone)


A trail for you to stroll and watch the small wildlife
that resides all around the lake “Swan Lake.” The area is merry and
pleasant with the different wild plants and flowers garden all along both sides
of the walkway that encourages the visitor to get close to nature, indeed. The
zone contains various animals more than 40 species such as Flamingo, Squirrel
Monkey, Orangutan, two species of Tapir, Pygmy hippopotamus, Pony (miniature
horse), Capybara, Wallaby, Chiropodomys gliroides (a kind of mice or mus), Leopard
cat, White Tiger, Jaguar, and Lemur, etc. In particular, for this zone is
opened for public in both daytime and nighttime.

The tour and activities at Chiang Mai Night Safari
subjected to change depending on the situation, nonetheless the exciting events
that the tourist should not miss are the Musical Fountain Show and the Cabaret
Show. The Musical Fountain Show regularly is 2 rounds daily which are at 8.15pm
and 9.15pm.

What should know before visiting the place

Although the title is “Chiang Mai Night Safari” but the place opens day and night

What should know before visiting the place

The operating time of Chiang Mai Night Safari is between
11am – 11pm daily. The morning session that starts at 11am upwards opens for
the public in part of the “Jaguar Trail” zone. The lovely trail for the
tourist to wander around the lake “Swan Lake” with about 1.2 km
distance. More than 40 species of the wildlife – Jaguar, Leopard cat,
Hippopotamus, White Tiger, Squirrel monkey, Orangutan, and more. Also, there is
the wild garden with different wild plants and flowers included the amusement

In the afternoon (3.00-4.30pm), the site opens to the
visitors of “the day
safari” that offers the service in both the “tram ride” and “Jaguar trail”.
However, the tram ride services just only with the Thai narrator only for the
day safari. The tram departs at the hub every 30 minutes and takes about an
hour for the trip.

Operates Hours

Operates Hours of Chiang Mai Night Safari

The night safari, on the other hand, operates during
6.30-10.00pm with similar service to the day safari including the tram ride and
Jaguar trail but this session provides the English narrator for the tour, as
well. The schedule of the tram ride is;

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Thai language: 5 rounds – 6.30pm, 7.30pm, 8.30pm, 9.30pm,
and 10.00pm.

English language: 5 rounds – 6.50pm, 7.30pm, 8.30pm,
9.30pm, and 10.00pm.

  • It is not only the zoo, but
    Chiang Mai Night Safari also offers the fantastic shows and Fun Park, too

The Amusement Park including Children world, Digital zoo, Carousel,

Shows are Musical fountain & Water screen, The tiger show, Safari dancing
show, Night Safari activities parade, Night predators show),
for instance.

  • Free of Charge for
    Children and 50% off for seniority

Admission Fee of Chiang Mai Night Safari

Ticket Price

(Day Safari / Night Safari)




(High 100-140 cm)


(High 100-140 cm)

Ticket Price (Day Safari) (THB)

Included walking zone and Tram ride in North Zone and South Zone
(Minimum booking of 4 visitors)





Ticket Price (Night Safari) (THB)

Included walking zone and Tram ride in
North Zone and South Zone and Musical Fountain & Water Screen Show
(Minimum booking of 2 visitors)





The price above is the promotion rate to book via Travelfortoday.com only. For Booking call +66 2 758 5154-6.

Remark: The tourist, please recheck the price from the ticket
counter at Ching Mai Night Safari for the updated price.

  • Children with
    lower 100 cm high are free of charge.
  • The operating
    time is between 11.00am – 11.00pm daily.
  • The Day Safari
    opens at 3.00pm – 4.30pm by the Tram Ride. The tram departs every 30 minutes.
  • The Night
    Safari opens at 6.30pm – 10.00pm by the Tram Ride. The tram departs every hour.

English language: 6.50pm, 7.30pm, 8.30pm, 9.30pm, and

*The schedule subjected to adjust, please recheck at the

How to Get to Chiang Mai Night Safari

How to Get to Chiang Mai Night Safari

From Chiang Mai city center, drives along Huay Kaew Road
and turns left to the highway number 121 to Hang Dong district. Then you drive
more about 10 km and turn right. Drives more 2 km later you will arrive at the
destination. Alternatively, the tourist also can get the Red pick-up truck
service to the destination.

Above, Xuan Mai Complex shared about Chiang Mai Night Safari. Hope the above information is useful to you. Wish you have a happy travel.

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