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DISNEYLAND HONG KONG: Tickets, Rides, Guide, Itinerary + Budget

You have plan to visit the Disneyland Hongkong but this is the first times you plan to there. So you need some sharing to prepare for your next journey, follow Xuan Mai Complex to see all things about Disneyland Hong Kong as below:


 When is the best time to visit?

Hong Kong is a year-round destination due to its sub-tropical location.  It has 4 seasons: summer, winter, autumn and spring. The months of October to November and March to April are the best months to visit Hong Kong due to its pleasant weather, just avoid the weekends and holidays if you are visiting Disneyland as it can get pretty crowded.  June to August is hot and humid, which can be brutal.  May to September is a typhoon season, so if you have booked during these months, make sure to check the weather updates.  Meanwhile, the months between December to February are the coldest months in Hong Kong.

How many days to spend in Hong Kong Disneyland?

Disneyland Hong Kong is not a half-day park, you will miss a lot if you only visit for 1 day.  And with the hefty entrance fee, best to maximise your time here.  I think a 1-day visit would be enough to cover the highlights of Disneyland Hong Kong. You can get a FASTPASS to avoid long queues.  I will discuss that below.

 Now if you are a huge Disney fan, then 2 days in Hong Kong Disneyland would probably be the best for you, as this will give you enough time to cover the entire theme park and soak up the atmosphere here.

Disneyland Hong Kong Open Hours:

Disneyland Hong Kong operating hours is 10:30 AM –  8:45 PM every Monday to Thursday and 10:00 AM – 8:45 PM from Friday to Sunday.

 Important: The Disneyland Hong Kong Castle is temporarily closed for renovation.

Official Website: www.hongkongdisneyland.com

Decide your Hong Kong Disneyland Route

If you wish to maximize your trip to Disneyland Hong Kong, better plan your route ahead of time.  Download the Hong Kong Disneyland mobile app with GPS-enabled map HERE.  This is a big help when navigating around the park, it will also tell you the estimated waiting time for each ride, you can make restaurant reservations through the app, it will tell you when and where will the Disney character appear in the park, etc.

Check out the map below to see what are the Hong Kong rides and attractions that you want to see and try.  You can also get a FREE map inside Disneyland Hong Kong.

Where to buy Hong Kong Disneyland Tickets?

While you can buy Hong Kong Disneyland ticket at the park entrance, you can avoid the long lines and save time if you purchase your ticket in advance.  You can get it from Hong Kong Disneyland Hotels or better yet, get it online. Klook offers Hong Kong Disneyland discounted tickets, you can book through the link below.

How much is theHong Kong Disneyland ticket price?

 There are 4 types of Hong Kong Disneyland tickets. The most popular HK Disneyland tickets are:

 1-Day HK Disneyland Park Ticket:

(General Admission, 12-64 y.o) :  HKD 619/PHP 4,199/USD 79/EURO 68/SGD 107/MYR 316

(Children, 3- 11 y.o) : HKD 458/PHP 3,107/USD 58/EURO 50/SGD 79/MYR 236

(Senior, 65 + y.o): HKD 100/PHP 678/USD 13/EURO 11/SGD 17/MYR 51

2-DayHK Disneyland Park Ticket:

(General Admission, 12-64 y.o) : HKD 799/PHP 5,420/USD 102/EURO 87/SGD 138/MYR 407

(Children, 3- 11 y.o) :  HKD 458/PHP 3,107/USD 58/EURO 50/SGD 79/MYR 236

(Senior, 65 + y.o) : HKD 170/PHP 1,153/USD 22/EURO 19/SGD 29/MYR 87

disneyland hong kong - Tomorrowland 1

Can you skip the line in Disneyland Hong Kong rides?

 Yes.  But you need to get a FASTPASS Ticket and good news is, it’s FREE. FASTPASS attractions include: Hyperspace Mountain, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and the Iron Man Experience.

FASTPASS Tickets are available to guests with valid Hong Kong Disneyland park tickets, and they are subject to change and availability. It’s only valid on the day of issue and everyone in your group must have FASTPASS Ticket.

FASTPASS ticket can only be used for a specific time period  and you can only get one ticket for the said period. A valid FASTPASS ticket should indicate the attraction name, a time period you can return to the attraction and a time when you can get another FASTPASS ticket.


  1. Go to the FASTPASS distribution sign near the ride or attraction entrance.
  2. Check the “Return Time” shown on the sign. If the return time is good for you, you can scan your valid Hong Kong Disneyland ticket at the FASTPASS machine.
  3. The machine will generate a FASTPASS ticket printed with your return time. Get the FASTPASS ticket.
  4. Go to the FASTPASS return entrance during the specified time on your ticket.
  5. Show your FASTPASS ticket the Cast Member (staff) and enjoy your shorter wait line!

What to Pack for Hong Kong Disneyland?

 Bring refillable drinking bottle to keep yourself hydrated, you can refill for free at any of the drinking fountains scattered around Hong Kong Disneyland, usually located outside most restrooms.

If you are visiting from December to February, bring jacket as this is the coldest months.

If you are visiting during summer, bring extra shirt or clothes so you can change. The weather can get pretty humid during this season.

Bring power bank for your phones and bring extra battery for your camera so you can take many pictures.

Hong Kong Disneyland Internet and Data:

 Hong Kong Disneyland has  a free Wi-Fi, but connection is intermittent, so it’s best if you have your own Wi-Fi connection. Philippine Airlines has MYPALRoam, we used this during our recent trip and the connection was really good. You can BOOK HERE and they also have booths at NAIA Terminal 2.

Hong Kong Simcard:

If you are traveling to Hong Kong alone, the cheapest option to get connected online is by buying a Hong Kong sim card.  You can purchase through the link below. 


 Mode of Payment in Hong Kong Disneyland:

While Hong Kong Dollar is used widely, some restaurants and shops inside Hong Kong Disneyland accepts major credit cards. It would be best to bring a credit card with no foreign transaction fees. Otherwise, if you run out of cash, there are ATMs located inside Hong Kong Disneyland.

ATM locations inside Hong Kong Disneyland:

  • Left side of the Park entrance
  • City Hall along Main Street, USA
  • Explorer’s Club Restaurant, Mystic Point
  • Inside Hong Disneyland Resort hotels

Also, take note that you can use the Octopus Card in several locations in Hong Kong, including train rides.

 Are there lockers in Hong Kong Disneyland Park?

 Yes. You can leave your bags at the luggage valet on Park Promenade near MTR Disneyland Resort Station. Fee for any luggage size is HKD 110/PHP 746/USD 14/EURO 12/SGD 19/MYR 56per piece per day.

You may also store your luggage at lockers inside Hong Kong Disneyland Park midway up Main Street, USA.  And you can open them unlimited times during regular business hours.  Luggage size should fit the locker with size 45 cm x 35 cm x 43 cm. Fee is HKD 110/PHP 746/USD 14/EURO 12/SGD 19/MYR 56per piece per day.

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 How to get to Disneyland Hong Kong from Manila, Philippines?

There are several airlines that fly to Hong Kong daily. But Philippines Airlines is a great choice since the airfare comes with inflight-meal and a 30 kg baggage allowance, unlike in low cost airlines. You can book your flight at www.philippineairlines.com  and follow them on their social media channels to get seat sale alerts.  We flew early in the morning and luckily, our PAL plane has inflight entertainment!

 By Train 

It’s pretty easy to get around Hong Kong because of its excellent transportation system, most especially its well-connected MTR. Here’s how to get to Hong Kong Disneyland Resort from some popular train stations.  You can plan your Hong Kong MTR route HERE

Hong Kong Airport to Hong Kong Disneyland

  1.  Ride the Hong Kong Airport MTR.
  2. Alight at Tsing Yi Station.
  3. Change to Tung Chung Line (Orange Line) at Tsing Yi Platform 3
  4. Get off at Sunny Bay.
  5. Change train to Hong Disneyland Resort (Pink Line) at Sunny Bay Platform 3.
  6. Alight at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Station and walk to the park entrance.

Transit Time: About 34 mins

First Train: 05:54 AM

Last Train: 12:04 AM

Regular Fare:

(Adult) HKD 85.20/PHP 578/USD 11/EURO 9.31/SGD 15/MYR 43

(Children/Senior)HKD 42.40/PHP 288/USD 5.40/EURO 5/SGD 7.34/MYR 22

Fareif using the Octopus Card:

(Adult) HKD 65/PHP 441/USD 8.28/EURO 7.10/SGD 11.25/MYR 33.15

(Children/Senior) HKD 32.50/PHP 220.45/USD 4.14/EURO 3.55/SGD 5.63/MYR 16.57

Hong Kong Station to Hong Kong Disneyland

  1. If your hotel is near Hong Kong Station, ride Tung Chung Line (Orange Line) to Sunny Bay.
  2. Get off atSunny Bay Station.
  3. Interchange at Sunny Bay Platform 3 towards Disneyland.
  4. Board the train to Disneyland Resort (Pink Line)
  5. Alight at Disneyland Resort Line.
  6. Walk towards Disneyland entrance.

Travel Time: About 30 mins

First Train: 6:01 AM

Last Train: 00:13 AM

 Regular Fare: HKD 28.50/PHP 193/USD 4/EURO 3/SGD 5/MYR 15

 Fare if using the Octopus Card: HKD 25.7/PHP 174/USD 3.27/EURO 3/SGD 4.45/MYR 13.11

  Mongkok/Tsim Tsa Tsui to Hong Kong Disneyland

  1. If your hotel is in Mong Kok, ride Tsuen Wan Line (Red Line) at MTR Mong Kok Station. If coming from Tsim Sha Tsui area, at MTR Tsim Tsa Tsui, board the Tsuen Wan Line (Red Line).
  2. Alight at MTR Lai King Station.
  3. Change train at Lai King Platform 3 towards Tung Chung (Orange Line).
  4. Get off at Sunny Bay Station.
  5. Interchange at Sunny Bay Platform 3 towards Disneyland.
  6. Board the train to Disneyland Resort (Pink Line)
  7. Alight at Disneyland Resort Line.
  8. Walk towards Disneyland entrance.

Travel time: 33 mins

First Train: 06:16 AM

Last Train: 12:09 PM

Regular:HKD 23/PHP 156/USD 3/EURO 3/SGD 4/MYR 12

Fare if using the Octopus Card:

MTR (Adult) HKD 20.3/PHP 135.67/USD 2.59/EURO 2.10/SGD 3.42/MYR 10.12

MTR (Child/Student) HKD 10.2/68.17/USD 1.30/EURO 1.06/SGD 1.72/MYR 5.09

  • By Disneyland Hotel Shuttle

If you’re staying at any of the Hong Kong Disneyland resorts, there are FREE shuttle buses that run between the hotels and the Disneyland  Resort Public Transportation Interchange (PTI), which is walking distance to Park.

 Shuttle Bus Hours of Operation:

6:00 AM to 8:00 AM Departing from PTI every 20 minutes

8:00 AM to midnight Departing from PTI every 10 to 15 minutes

12:00 AM to 1:00 AM Departing from PTI every 20 minutes

1:00 AM to 6:00 AM Services may be arranged upon request. Inquire at the hotel front desk.


    Hong Kong downtown to Hong Kong Disneyland

Long Win Bus and City Bus have bus routes to Hong Kog Disneyland from downtown Hong Kong.  Bus # R33 leaves from Tuen Mun Railway Station. While Bus # 42 leaves from Tai Wai Railway Station.

FARE: HKD 22.3/PHP 151.26/USD 3/EURO 2.44/SGD 4/MYR 11.37

Hong Kong Airport to Hong Kong Disneyland

  1. Go to Airport Ground Transport Center Bus Terminus.
  2. Ride any “A” or “E” bus routes to Lantau Link Toll Plaza.
  3. Get off at Lantau Link Toll PlazA.
  4. Ride bus R8 toDisneylandResort Public Transportation Interchange (PTI)
  5. Walk to park entrance.


To Lantau Toll Link Plaza:HKD 7/PHP 47/USD 0.89/EURO 0.76/SGD 1.21/MYR 4

To Disneyland Resort Public Transport Interchange (PTI): HKD 3/PHP 20/USD 0.38/EURO 0.33/SGD 0.52/MYR 1.53

By Taxi

You can take a taxi to Hong Kog Disneyland Resort. Taxi service areas are indicated by color:  Urban taxi (red), New Territories taxis (green) and Lantau taxis (blue). If coming from Hong Kong Airport, expect to pay aroundHKD 130/PHP 882/USD 17/EURO 14/SGD 23/MYR 66 for a taxi to Disneyland Hong Kong.

 Where to Stay in Disneyland Hong Kong?

Disneyland HongKong can be easily done as a day tour from downtown Hong Kong, but if you have the budget to splurge and want to treat your family and friends to a comfortable stay near the theme park, you can book the following hotels.

NOTE: To check the room rates, click the link below, change the date and click search.


The latest addition  to Hong Kong Disneyland Resorts, Disney Explorers Lodge is a seven-story hotel with design and architecture that showcases the cultures of Africa, Oceania, South America and Asia.  Interestingly, the hotel is brimming with arts and artefacts from around the world. I stayed here during our recent visit to Hong Kong Disneyland.


My sister and I stayed here during our first visit to Disneyland Hong Kong, and just like in Disney Explorers Lodge, we enjoyed the experience.  It’s a Hollywood-inspired hotel, with a beautiful Art Deco style building sprinkled with Disney designs.


Though I haven’t stayed here yet, I’ve visited this twice during my Hong Kong trip because we usually dine here.  It has an opulent 6-star lobby and a Victorian-inspired building.  Also check out its  well-manicured garden with a maze.

 Where to Eat in Hong Kong Disneyland?

 disneyland hong kong - food

There are several restaurants inside Disneyland Hong Kong park, you can refer to your mobile app or map on where to find them. We’ve tried most of them during our last visit. My personal favorite is the Main Street Corner Café and Plaza Inn.

Main Street, USA:Main Street Corner Café, Plaza Inn and Market House Bakery

Mystic Point:Explorer’s Club Restaurant

Fantasyland: Royal Banquet Hall and Clopin’s Festival of Foods

Adventureland:Tahitian Terrace

Tomorrowland:Comet Café, Starliner Diner

If you are staying in one of the 3 Hong Kong Disneyland Resorts, you can also try their restaurants and get to meet Mickey and friends! My personal favorite here is the Enchanted Garden and the Crystal Lotus

Disney Explorer’s Lodge: Dragon Wind, World of Color Restaurant, Chart Room Cafe

Disneyland Hotel: Enchanted Garden, Crystal Lotus, Walt’s Café, Sea Breeze Bar

Disney’s Hollywood Hotel: Chef Mickey, Hollywood and Dine

 Hong Kong Disneyland Theme Zones and Popular Rides

  1. Main Street, USA

Once you enter Hong Kong Disneyland, this  beautiful themed zone will welcome you warmly.  This place will make you feel as if you are walking in 1900’s  in the US. At the end of the Main Street, you will see the Disneyland Castle  proudly standing in the middle. Main Street, USA is a perfect place to shoot your Instagram OOTDs!

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Royal Princess Garden – Little girls will surely love this place where visitors can meet and greet their favorite Disney Princesses like Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Sophia and Princess Aurora and have a photo with them!

2. Adventureland

This place is like a remote jungle, brimming with outposts and river cruises.

Popular Adventureland Attractions:

Festival of the Lion King – My favorite theater show in Hong Kong Disneyland is the Lion King. Don’t miss this musical that tells the story of Simba, Nala and Scar. The stage is packed with acrobats and fire dancers and impressive floats.

 Jungle River Cruise – Ride a weathered tramp steamer and enjoy a fascinating cruise along a tropical river where you’ll encounter a pool of playful elephants, hippos, gorillas, king cobras and giant spider, a headhunter and the iconic Canyon of the Gods.

Tarzan’s Tree House – Ride this raft that will take you to Tarzan’s Tree House.


This eye-catching sci-fi themed park is located on the right side after Mainland, USA. You won’t miss it because of the distinctive rocket dome of Hyperspace Mountain. Tomorrowland mostly features space adventures.

Iron Man Experience – At Tomorrowland, you’ll find the Iron Man Experience, a 3D simulation ride where you can fly over Hong Kong on a wing flight vehicle while the city is under attack by Hydra and Iron Man will surely save you. If you want to meet and greet Iron Man himself and snap a photo, you can head to the Iron Man Tech Show at the Stark Expo. As queue here can get pretty long, you can use your FASTPASS.

Hyperspace Mountain – This classic roller coaster ride sent me screaming for my dear life! Haha Definitely one of the most popular rides in Hong Kong Disneyland, Hyperspace Mountain is a Star Wars theme ride.  You will board a thrilling ride together with your buddy as you go through intergalactic battles with sudden twists, bend and drops, Stormtroopers, X-Wing Star Fighters, and more! After the thrilling ride, you can meet the Star Wars character at the command post.

Starwars Take Over – You can also see your favorite Star Wars characters, including Stormtroopers, Chewbacca, R2D2 at Tomorrowland.

Buzz Light Year Astro Blasters – This interactive ride is set in the Buzz Light Year universe. I like this ride because it’s not as gripping as the Space Mountain but it’s interactive – so when my sister and I tried this years ago, we had fun shooting targets with the movable laser gun.

Orbitron – Another classic ride at Tomorrowland where you get to be a pilot of your own flying saucer!

4. Fantasyland

This is the heart of Hong Kong Disneyland, crowned by Disney Castle.Here, you’ll find many of the classic favorites like Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo, Mickey Mouse and Minnie, etc.

  Fantasyland Top Attractions:

  • Hong Kong Disneyland Castle  – Currently under renovation.
  • Fantasy Garden – You might meet and greet your favorite Disney character in this beautiful, well-manicured garden that was inspired by Fantasi
  • It’s a Small World – My favorite ride in Hong Kong Disneyland because I thinks it’s therapeutic.  Hop on a musical boat while singing along to the classic world peace song and sail along the river fringed by stunning, intricate papier-mache and several traditionally dressed dolls from different parts of the world.
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh – Ride on a gigantic Hunny Pot as you glide along the settings of Winnie the Pooh and immerse in its stories.

5. Toy Story Land

As you might have surmised, Toy Storyland will shrink you and transport you to Andy’sbackyard where you can play with the Toy story character, just like in the movie.  This zone is packed with rides and attractions for children and adult.

Toy Story Land Popular Rides:

  • Toy Soldier Parachute Jump – Hop on the 6-person parachute jump vehicle and float up a 25-meter-tall parachute tower for stunning, panoramic view of Mystic Manor and Grizzly Gulch! Then, experience being dropped from the sky with a parachute, over and over again!
  • RC Racer – I tried this roller coaster ride on my 1stvisit, and it almost made me puke! Haha If you like gravity-defying rides, this one’s for you, but if not, skip this!  The RC Racer is inspired by the remote-controlled car (RC) of Andy in the Disney Pixar movie Toy Story.  This ride will send you speeding back and forth on a towering U-shaped track.
  • Slinky Dog Spin – Slinky Dog Spin will remind you of Andy’s good friend Slinky the Dog, with a distinct spring body. This ride will take you up and down as Slinky Dog follow a ring-shaped route.

6. Mystic Point

This themed zone in Disneyland Hong Kong is one of my favorites! The Mystic Point is set in 1908 where supernatural events and mysteries happens.

disneyland hong kong - mystic 2

Mystic Point Popular Attractions:

  • Mystic Manor – We visited the lovely Mystic Manor, home of Lord Henry Mystic and got to hop on the mystic magneto-electric carriage to see his extensive art and artifacts collection and got to witness how his beautifully carved Balinese music box turned inanimate objects to life with its music dust!
  • Garden of Wonders – Right in front of the Mystic Manor is a special garden that looks ordinary at first sight, but once you roam this well-manicured place, you will discover varied archaeological relics that form interesting 3D illusions.

7. Grizzly Gulch

This themed zone features a wild west concept, peppered mining mountains, golden nuggets, geyser, town jail and 19thcentury-inspired establishments. You can also meet and greet your favorite Disney character sporting old wild western styles outfit here.

Grizzly Gulch Popular Ride:

Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars – Ride the mine train that will swoop you around a winding track, past jagged cavern! This is one exhilarating ride, not for the faint hearted!


A visit to Hong Kong Disneyland won’t be complete without watching the street parade!


disneyland hong kong - fantasy parade

My favorite street parade as it packed with Disney characters in gorgeous floats! Catch Mickey and friends, Toy Story, The Lion King, The Jungle Book, and more! Catch this performance along the street every 1:45 PM!


disneyland hong kong - paint the night

 Another beautiful parade, happens every night in Disneyland Hong Kong is the Disney Paint the Night Parade.  Catch your favorite Disney Characters infused with lights and colors! Catch Belle, Tinker Belle, Buzz Lightyear, Sheriff Woody, Ariel, and many more!  You can watch this every 8:45 PM at the main street of Disneyland.

What’s New in Hong Kong Disneyland

 1. New and Long-Time Disney Friends – At the different corners of the park during the “Carnival of Stars”, you’ll get to meet the new faces and some long-time Disney friends.

At the Annex on the Main Street, USA, you can queue to meet Baymax and Hiro from Big Hero 6.

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Watch out for the grand entrance of Wakanda’s King – T’Challa, also known as Black Panther, from the technically-advanced African nation. Lean the traditional Wakandan greeting and snap a photo with him!

At Tomorrowland, meet Groot, as he joins guests for a very special Heroic encounter!

Catch Spider Man as he swings into action and shows off his bold moves in Tomorrowland.

2. Karibuni Marketplace – Opened this year beside the Theater in Wild Adventureland, Karibuni Marketplace takes guests in the lively colors, sights and sounds of Africa. We had fun playing games here like Blongo Balls, Plinko and Wheel of Fortune where we were able to take home some cutesy prizes like stuffed animals and Disney pins! There are also snacks being exclusively sold here!

And oh, watch out for King Louie and Baloo from the Jungle Book, Carl and Russell from Up, Gennie and Jasmine from Aladdin, and Timon and Rafiki from the Lion King!

3. Moana: A Homecoming Celebration – Moana fans will surely rejoice as you can now meet this beauty in Adventureland. Moana: A Homecoming Celebration is the first attraction added toDisneyland Hong Kong’s expansion.

4. Water Play Street Party-Disneyland Hong Kong has just introduced the first-ever Disney-Pixar themed “Water Play Street Party”, featuring Disney Pixar stars, such as Mr. and Mrs. Incredibles from the Incredibles, and Toy Story characters. This street party is along Main Street, USA, where guests will be soaked up in a water-filled summer celebration!

5. The Transformation of Hong Kong Disneyland’s Castle – Who isn’t excited to see the new Disneyland Hong Kong Castle? The new castle will honor the 13 Disneyland Princess stories and is expected to take Disneyland Hong Kong to new heights will all new day and night entertainment! The makeover is still ongoing and guests are welcome to share their Disneyland Hong Kong photo on Instagram with the hashtag #CreateaDisneyCastle to help create a Disney mosaic together!


Here’s a sample Hong Kong Disneyland itinerary, good for 1 day. Feel free to tweak this depending on your schedule.


ACTIVITIES 9:00 AMETD Disneyland. Total travel time is around 39 minutes by train. The park opens at around 9:30 AM.

STEP 1:  If your hotel is in Mong Kok, ride Tsuen Wan Line (Red Line) at MTR Mong Kok Station. If coming from Tsim Sha Tsui area, at MTR Tsim Tsa Tsui, board the Tsuen Wan Line (Red Line).

STEP 2: Alight at MTR Lai King Station.

STEP 3: Change train at Lai King Platform 3 towards Tung Chung (Orange Line).

STEP 4: Get off at Sunny Bay Station.

STEP 5:Interchange at Sunny Bay Platform 3 towards Disneyland.

STEP 6: Board the train to Disneyland Resort (Pink Line)

STEP 7: Alight at Disneyland Resort Line.

STEP 8: Walk towards Disneyland entrance.

 IMPORTANT: Disneyland Fireworks display has been temporarily suspended as of Jan 2, 2018 because the park will undergo an expansion. But you can catch the nightly Disney Paint the Night Parade at around 8:45 PM.  Also, don’t miss the Flights of Fantasy Parade at 1:30 PM.

EXPENSES (if using Octopus Card):

MTR (Adult)HKD 20.3/PHP 135.67/USD 2.59/EURO 2.10/SGD 3.42/MYR 10.12

MTR (Child/Student) HKD 10.2/68.17/USD 1.30/EURO 1.06/SGD 1.72/MYR 5.09


HKD 531/PHP 3,552/USD 69.1/EURO 56/SGD 91.2/MYR 270

10:00 AMExplore Disneyland: Fantasyland, Adventureland, Main Street, Mystic Point, Toy Story Land, Tomorrowland and Grizzly Gulch.

12:00 PMLunch.  You can PURCHASE to save.  


HKD 138/PHP 923/USD 17.6/EURO 14.3/SGD 23.3/MYR 69

01:30 PMFlights of Fantasy Parade02:00 PMContinue exploring Disneyland Hong Kong and trying the rides.08:45 PMDisney Paint the Night Parade.09:15 PMETD Mong Kok. Travel time is roughly 35 minutes.

STEP 1: Exit Disneyland.

STEP 2: Take train at Disneyland Resort Line.

STEP 3: Get off at Sunny Bay Station.

STEP 4: Interchange at Sunny Bay Platform 2 towards Hong Kong Station.

STEP 5: Take Tung Chung Line (Orang Line) towards Hong Kong Station.

STEP 6: Alight at Lai King Station.

STEP 7: Change train at Lai King Platform 2 towards Central.

STEP 8: Take Tsuen Wan Line (Red Line) towards Central Station.

STEP 9: Get off at Mong Kok Station.


MTR (Adult)HKD 20.3/PHP 135.67/USD 2.59/EURO 2.10/SGD 3.42/MYR 10.12

MTR (Child/Student) HKD 10.2/68.17/USD 1.30/EURO 1.06/SGD 1.72/MYR 5.09


disneyland hong kong - carnival of stars

If you are wondering how much to spend in Hong Kong Disneyland, here’s a sample budget. But do note that this doesn’t include the food, because it depends on where you plan to eat.  Food in Disneyland is quite hefty, and you can’t bring your own food. If you are on a tight budget, there are food trucks outside the park.  You can see them half way to the train station. Klook also offers a discounted voucher, you can RESERVE HERE.

 ACTIVITIESBUDGETMTR TO HK Disneyland from Hong Kong Downtown (TST or Mongkok)MTR (Adult)HKD 20.3/PHP 135.67/USD 2.59/EURO 2.10/SGD 3.42/MYR 10.12

MTR (Child/Student) HKD 10.2/68.17/USD 1.30/EURO 1.06/SGD 1.72/MYR 5.09

HK Disneyland Entrance FeeHKD 619/PHP 4,199/USD 79/EURO 68/SGD 107/MYR 316MTR from HK DisneylandMTR (Adult)HKD 20.3/PHP 135.67/USD 2.59/EURO 2.10/SGD 3.42/MYR 10.12

MTR (Child/Student) HKD 10.2/68.17/USD 1.30/EURO 1.06/SGD 1.72/MYR 5.09

TOTAL EXPENSESHKD 659/PHP 4,470.34/USD 84.18/EURO 72.2/SGD 113.84/MYR 336.24

Hong Kong Disneyland Travel Tips

Take note of these Etiquette and Rules inside Disneyland Hong Kong:

  • Crowds would usually stand along the street when watching the Disney Street Parade or the WE Love Mickey Mouse Show.  If you want to have a good view, go there early so you can snag a spot. Don’t go around telling people to sit down.
  • Beat the queue with the FASTPASS.
  • Arrive early and go to the far attractions like Toy Story Land, Grizzly Gulch and Mystic Point first since most likely the crowd will gather at Main Street and Fantasy Land.
  • Wear proper attire, 16 years or older are not allowed to wear costumes.
  • Wear comfortable shoes or footwear as you will walk most of the time.
  • During summer, bring umbrella, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen to protect yourself from the harsh sun.
  • Smoke in designated smoking areas only.
  • Don’t bring food, alcoholic beverages or any illegal substance inside the park.
  • If you are really on a budget, there are food trucks outside Hong Kong Disneyland where you can buy and eat reasonably-priced food.
  • Bag or boxes that are larger than 56 cm x 36cm x 23cm cannot be brought inside the park.
  • Flying of drone and use of selfie stick, large tripod, folding stools, and chairs are prohibited inside the park.

More reference: Autumn Leaves In Korea

Above are all thing for Hong Kong Disneyland Travel, you can find information like timing to vistit, place to rest, ticket saling place and also have transtration to move to here. Xuan Mai Complex hope this information will useful for you. Thank you for your reading!

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