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Founded in 2018 and headquartered in New Zealand we’re a team of over 60 based across NZ, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, collaboratively hustling to make buying, selling and swapping crypto currency, fast, safe and easy for anyone. In fact, we’re probably one of NZ’s fastest growing, biggest businesses that no one has ever heard of.

With over 100,000 users and numbers doubling every 4 months, we’re rapidly expanding, and pride ourselves on seeking out diverse perspectives when it comes to imagining our future. We aren’t constrained by what’s been done in the past, we think about what’s possible and we achieve it as a team. Overall, we think we’re a pretty awesome team to be a part of who will always have your back!

Who we’re looking for:

We’re looking for a Full Stack Software Engineer who will help design, develop and deliver our products & services. Working with a growing team, this role will be responsible for delivering innovative solutions to our customers.

To sum it up your role will involve:

  • Design, develop, and deploy services in Node.js (TypeScript) / Go using Kubernetes / Terraform on GCP
  • Design & build user-friendly, JavaScript / Typescript applications
  • Work with Platform & Security Engineers on infrastructure, quality, and deployment pipelines, to help ensure security, quality, and reliability
  • Collaborate with other engineers, designers, and researchers, as part of an autonomous, cross-functional team, to deliver innovative solutions which  deliver real value to our users
  • Be part of the full software development lifecycle, from discovery and design, through to development, deployment, and operation
  • Continuously innovate through the use of feature flags & A/B testing 
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The skills you’ll bring:

  • An experienced software engineer, with a range of skills across the development stack
  • You understand & embrace that everyone will bring different flavours & skill levels, and work together to become more than the sum of your parts
  • You are experienced with modern JavaScript development, UI frameworks, testing, debugging and automation techniques
  • You hyped to learn new skills, techniques, and languages (such as Go)
  • High drive and the ability to adapt quickly 
  • Care deeply about improving peoples lives with the power of digital technology, especially blockchain, cryptocurrency, and web3.0
  • You have a solid understanding of a range of programming paradigms, both object-oriented and functional


Why not check out our website to take a look at how easy we’re making crypto for our customers. We’re still working on our careers page so unfortunately you won’t learn a heap about what it’s like to work for us there (just yet), but here’s a few of the things we think are really great:

  • Work remotely from anywhere in NZ or join us in our shared space in Auckland- up to you!
  • Competitive salary plus an annual and quarterly performance-based bonus.
  • We’re remote but not removed- we pride ourselves on connecting socially and connecting no matter what the distance is.
  • A team where everyone has a voice and a chance to impact how we succeed- when we say we’re collaborative and we’ll have your back we genuinely mean it.

Submit your CV and cover letter, sharing why you’d like to be part of the Easy Crypto team and we’ll be in touch.

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Full Stack Developer – Bạn đang hiểu quá nhầm, quá sai trái – Tư duy học lập trình nên có

Full Stack developer là một từ vựng được nhắc tới rất nhiều ở các trang tuyển dụng, các khóa học \

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