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Have something done

10We could have get to have no-one to fix it.

9You should have to repair your car had your car repaired your car repaired a long time ago.

8We had burgled our flat got our flat burgled had our flat to burgle while we were away on holiday.

7Call us and you will get your old fridge collected to collect your old fridge your old fridge collect for free.

6We got an approved mechanic inspect to inspect to have inspected our car.

5She told me that she’d had her hip replace her hip replaced replaced her hip with a titanium prosthesis.

4You should have something done something to do to do something to your hair. It looks horrible.

3From now on, I’m going to have my car wash my car washed my car to wash more often.

2We should get to design a new logo a new logo designed a new logo to design before we can launch the new product.


Have something done



Someone does something for us

We use have + object + past participle when we want to talk about something that someone else does for us, usually because we pay them, or because we persuade or ask them to do it. Compare:

  • We clean the house every Friday. (=we clean it ourselves)
  • We

    have the house cleaned

    every Friday. (=someone else cleans it for us)

The verb have is not an auxiliary verb in this construction. We need to use did or do for negative sentences and questions when there is no auxiliary verb.

  • We 



    have the house painted

    , we do it ourselves. (NOT: We haven’t the house painted)

  • Did


    have your house painted

    ? It looks great. (NOT: Had you your house painted?)

We can use have something done in any verb tense.

  • I

    ‘m going to have my hair cut


  • She

    ‘s having her house redecorated


  • I

    ‘ve had the oil in my car changed


  • She

    had her hair cut



Negative experiences

We can also use have something done with a passive meaning when something bad happens to us.

  • He

    had his wallet stolen

    in Piccadilly. (=his wallet was stolen)

  • They

    had their house destroyed

    by the fire. 


Get something done

In informal English, we can use get + object + past participle with the same meaning as have something done.

  • I need to

    get my eyes tested


  • They

    got their home rebuilt

    after the earthquake.  

  • She

    got her legs burned

    in the fire. (negative experience)


Have someone do something

We can use the construction have + person + infinitive with the same meaning as have something done, but in this case we mention the person who is doing something for us.

  • We

    are having the architect redesign

    the ground floor. 

  • Susanne

    had her brother prune

     all the trees. 


Get someone to do something

We can also use the construction get + someone + to+ infinitive to talk about someone doing something for us, because we are paying them, or because we asked or convinced them to do it. However, get someone to do something often implies the idea that you have convinced someone to do something.

  • I

    got a mechanic to take

    a look at the car.

  • Tom’s boss

    got him to go

    to a conference in Germany.


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