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How To Buy The Best Malaysia Tourist Sim Card 2021

You are going to Maylaysia for travell and you don’t know how to contact others people there buy phone number. This post will show you How To Buy The Best Malaysia Tourist Sim Card, let’s find out!

How To Buy The Best Malaysia Tourist Sim Card 2021

Thankfully, getting a travel sim card Malaysia is very easy. You just need ID and some ringgit (and sometimes not even the latter if you purchase from home!). I describe the best (and easiest ways) to get a traveller sim Malaysia below.

How To Buy The Best Malaysia Tourist Sim Card

But first, a bit of background information.

Best Travel Sim Malaysia

Mobile and data overage is generally very good in Malaysia on any prepaid sim card Malaysia plan. We never had a problem.

I always like having a Malaysia data sim card for tourist so I know I always have maps, Google and internet access for work and email. In fact, my sim card data access is often better than hotel wifi! It’s also important to have one of the Malaysian sim cards if you’re travelling Malaysia solo so that you have a way to contact people.

You will always need ID when picking up or purchasing a Malaysia travel sim card as it’s legally required. Your passport is perfect for this.

I highly recommend you get a prepaid plan. These require minimal effort and are very good value. As a tourist, they are also basically your only choice.

You can, of course, use your sim card from home if you have a phone carrier that allows this or from a neighbouring country. However, this is likely to be much much much more expensive than buying a Malaysia prepaid sim card for tourist 2021. It’s such an easy process to buy a prepaid sim that this is what I recommend rather than using international roaming.

You can buy a prepaid sim card in Malaysia as soon as you arrive in most international airports to make it extra easy or use a service on Klook to pick up your sim card on arrival which makes it even easier.

Otherwise, many shopping malls and bus stations have a chance to purchase the best tourist sim card Malaysia as well. I promise that you won’t find it hard to find somewhere to buy one!

If you are very particular about what service you get and exactly what it covers, then I recommend purchasing from the company direct (often they will have kiosks at arrival airports) so you can ask any questions. Otherwise, you can buy them from wherever.

If you need more data or talk credit for your sim card prepaid, it’s also very easy to purchase top ups from many places or online. Usually, you can do this at any 7-Eleven or one of hundreds of other places. You can ask when picking up your sim card about where to add credit to your Malaysia prepaid card.

As an alternative, you can also get a device before you leave home that will give you unlimited data and peace of mind that you will have internet for your whole trip (including surrounding countries).

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When choosing the best sim card in Malaysia for you, take a minute to think about your needs – do you plan on making local calls and sending local texts, or do you really just want to use the internet / data? In our experience, we have always found it useful to be able to call local companies and hotels on the ground in case we get delayed or need to get in touch with someone, so it has been better to have a Malaysian sim card with some call credit included.

Option 1: Purchase The Best Sim Card For Tourist In Malaysia Before Leaving Home!

Your first choice for buying a Malaysia sim card tourist pack is to purchase your sim card online before leaving home. This has the benefit of making it very easy to pick-up your prepaid sim on arrival so you are all set to go.

This is the cheapest and easiest option for getting a travel internet sim card.

This is especially beneficial if you want to make sure you have a sim card to go as soon as you arrive and want things as easy as possible. It works best for people who want data more than a sim card to make calls

There are plenty of Malaysia sim card airport options, with many of the major airports in Malaysia offering card pick-up. In each airport listed below, you are given clear instructions for how to pick up the sim and it is very easy.

You can do this via the following links. Pick the one that is your arrival airport:

If you click on the links above, you will get the latest deals as well as photos and instructions so you can be completely clear on where to pick it up. It is very easy to buy sim card online Malaysia using this method.

All of these choices of sim card in Malaysia for tourist give you the Tune Talk Traveller SIM. This is a great value sim card and has good coverage.

You can pick from two options – either the lite or power plan. The lite plan is about half the price of the power plan and lasts for half as long (7 days versus 14 days) and has less data.

At the time of writing this guide, the price starts at MYR23, so as you can see the Malaysia sim card price is very reasonable.

You can also now buy Digi cards in advance for a great price on Klook by clicking here.

Other Options For A Malaysia Tourist Sim Card

The following table gives you all the options for pre-purcashing a Malaysia sim card for tourist. Simply click on the option that best suits you, buy and follow the instructions to pick it up. It’s really easy to buy Malaysia sim card online and saves the hassle of trying to work things out on arrival after a long flight!

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All providers have similar coverage and are good choices. Note that the Celecom option is only available in KLIA2, so only buy this option if you are flying into there (usually just AirAsia).

These options are only for people who hold a foreign (so not Malaysian) passport. If you’re after a Digi prepaid sim card Malaysia then you’ll find options in the table below. The sim card price Malaysia will depend on how much data and minutes you have included as well as how long the Sim card is valid for.ProviderAirportsPriceDataCalls & SMSValidityTune TalkKuala Lumpur/Langkawi/Penang/Johor Bahru/Kota KinabaluRM2315GBNone7 daysTune TalkKuala Lumpur/Langkawi/Penang/Johor Bahru/Kota KinabaluRM4520GBNone14 daysCelecomKLIA2RM1812GB*RM37 daysCelecomKLIA2RM3515GB**RM630 daysDigiKuala Lumpur / Kota KinabaluRM199GB***Local calls and some international7 daysDigiKuala Lumpur / Kota KinabaluRM3925GB****Local calls and some international15 days

* 2GB are at 4G speeds, 10GB at 3G
** 5GB are at 4G speeds, 10GB at 3G
*** 2GB are at 4G speeds, 7GB at 3G
**** 10GB are at 4G speeds, 15GB at 3G

Note: The above table is correct at time of publishing and should give you an indication of the best prepaid plan Malaysia 2021 prices. However, things do change so double check the price and allowances before purchase. Some airports outside Kuala Lumpur don’t have sim cards available at all hours so check it is open at your arrival time.

If you decide to buy a Digi sim card, keep reading for exact instructions (and photos) for where you can find Digi at KLIA and KLIA2!

Option 2: Buy A Digi Travel Sim Card Malaysia On Arrival

Another way to buy a Digi sim card Malaysia is in person once you arrive in Malaysia. It’s also very easy to buy a sim card when you get there – it just takes longer and usually costs more.

Digi is the third largest sim provider in Malaysia and our personal favourite. We are big fans of a Digi traveller sim card.

They offer great plans and prices for their Malaysia travel sim options, they are easy to buy and top up (starting at MYR5) and have great coverage and data speed. Their Malaysia sim card rates are some of the best around.

All sim sizes are available.

Note that they do offer multiple plans which can be confusing especially as you need to make sure you buy the right one when you first sign up or you can end up wasting money by swapping plans.

And it is cheaper to pre-buy your sim card here for Kuala Lumpur or you can buy one for Kota Kinabalu Airport here.

So think about how long you want the sim card to work for, how much data you want and whether calls are important too. The good part is that top ups are very cheap so it will all work out if you make a mistake.

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Picking up a Digi sim card for tourist is very easy on arrival in the country with kiosks in many major airports. We usually fly into KLIA2 and you can find Digi as soon as you exit customs. Just walk straight ahead on the left side of the exit. Look for a big yellow sign!

Digi just after you exit customs at KLIA2

At KLIA, you can find Digi, Tune Talk and some other providers just to the left as you exit customs. The following video shows you where.

If you’re looking for the best prepaid plan Malaysia offers for tourist sims, the current Digi prepaid sim plans are…PlanPriceDataCalls & SMSValidityLIVEMYR8300MBMYR5 credit with 30 sen/minute calls and 20 sen SMS7 daysNumber 1 Traveller SimMYR4010GB + 15GB social media30 min local calls and 30 min IDD15 daysNumber 1 Traveller SimMYR202GB + 7GB social media10 min local calls and 10 min IDD7 days

Buy The Malaysia Tourist Sim Card at the store

Option 3: Take A Wifi Smartspot For Zero Hassle

If you want a very easy solution where you are all set up before you leave home and have wifi that will also work in other countries you visit, consider a Skyroam smartspot.

As there are no data only sim Malaysia options that we’ve found (all plans include minutes, too), the smartspot is a great option if you’re just looking for wifi. The Skyroam smartspot is a great alternative to a wifi sim card Malaysia option.

With this tiny device, you can connect up to 5 devices to wifi (or there is a 10 device option for more).

You can use it in not just Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand but over 100 countries so you don’t need to buy a different sim in every country. You also don’t have to worry about it running out of data as it’s unlimited.

It’s tiny and easy to transport with the bonus of being a power bank so you can use it to charge your devices as well!

You can find more information here.

You can either hire or buy the device. For a vacation, hiring is the best way to go. You pay a daily rate for the length of your trip, they send it to you and you are all set to go. Afterwards, you send it back.

If you don’t want any downtime or are serious about having data when you travel, this is the best solution.

Special deal for Dive Into Malaysia readers – use the coupon code MALAYSIA for 10% off at Skyroam!

Planning a trip to Malaysia? Have any questions? Join our Malaysia Travel Planning Facebook group here now! It’s the perfect place to ask any questions and to be inspired!

Above tips are talk about How To Buy The Best Malaysia Tourist Sim Card that Xuan Mai Complex share to you. Hope this information can help find a Malaysia tourist data sim card well. Thanks for reading!

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